She told her children an amusing story.

He still has much to learn.

Caribou can see ultraviolet light. This ability is crucial to their survival in a harsh Arctic environment.

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Do you know who they arrested?

How much is this T-shirt?

Move over a little if you please.

The secretary is within call all the time.

Stand by me.


We fought for everyone.


How many persons does this hall hold?

I've been shopping here for ages.

Fortunately we are no longer young.

Kyu thinks it possible for Magnus to get a job with that company.

Blake put the plan into practice.

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This is the first time I've ever received a letter from Marika.

Michelle wanted us to see it.

We want you to come to our party.

Maarten didn't make the deadline.

She will find her.


Crimes sometimes result from ignorance of the law.

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Becky denies any wrongdoing.

Valerie can't believe his luck.

We had a difficult winter.

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Because I was too busy.


The expense will fall on him.

Russia lost 20 million people during World War II.

The employees who spent all weekend working on the problem should be rewarded.

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Don't hate that which you don't know.

I still need to talk to them.

Eddy is fond of Celtic music.

I've not read today's paper yet.

You were good, now you're better.

That's quite meaningless.

I know Hotta was your friend.

I want a bed next to the window.

I wasn't quite sure about that.

Why would anybody kidnap him?

Judith is a detective.

I want to talk to the famous pianist before his concert.

Much sooner than you think.


We'll wait out here.

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Thomas wouldn't steal from you.

She had to use her dictionary many times.

Recently I have been feeling a little tired, so I have not gone swimming this week.

Please don't ask me about him.

She took a flowerpot in.

Rick and Sanjay stood to leave.

The people I lend money to never pay me back.

Where on earth did you go last night?

Don't give fish to a poor man; teach him how to fish.

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I don't think this rain will let up anytime soon.

There's a use of body language.

I have a flexible schedule.

Anna has lost too much blood.

Yesterday I put on a hat as it was very cold.


You have a wonderful voice.


The book is now available.


I'm pretty sure Andrew knows what he's supposed to do.

I'll discard my old jacket.

I realized it was a mistake.

Herman and Sarah's house is very untidy.

I will not presume to give an opinion.

Suppose we go to the movies tonight instead of tomorrow?

Stanly has confidence.

Who did Bea marry?

Can you see the difference between these two pictures?


We lost no time coming out of the shop.


I don't think you'll have to wait for more than three hours.

Randy didn't help Kikki.

I'll be back tomorrow.

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How did you persuade Irving to come?


Some unexpected difficulties have arisen.


We have to get away from here.

Greetings from Cornwall!

I visited Polly.


Do they know it well?

I remember my parents telling me about that.

Mr Johnson is not a scholar but a poet.


If I were you, I wouldn't worry.

I think you'd agree.

Had you come a little earlier, you could have met her.

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Stay on the train until the end of the line.

We must have respect for tradition.

They must not go up the stairs.

She absolutely doesn't need to know why I did it.

A new argument was presented.


I'd have helped you if you'd asked.

There has been a considerable increase in oil prices.

The station is almost empty during what would normally be the afternoon rush.

He lost no time.

I'd better warn them.

I thought you said you weren't coming.

In Washington, no one knew what to expect.

I should've tried to convince Miek to stay.

He was a good person.

Come under my umbrella, or you'll get wet.

Kathy showed Kevan a picture he drew.

I allow myself no sweets.

Ramesh is not as tall as he is.

I like cooking.

The song played by that blind pianist really moved me.

I'll go ask them.

I've seen her do it before.

They entered into a discussion about the issue.

That's what I've been telling Werner.


Airplanes enable people to travel great distances rapidly.

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You may take this.

How did you get that scar?

I heard that they discovered the footprints of an abominable snowman in the Himalayan mountains.


I'm going to do everything I can to help.

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The students were throwing paper at one another.

Rajeev had never even heard of that band at that time.

Please tell me what you think.


I was on my way to work.

She told me to open the window.

I'm waiting for Godot.

A tribe of natives once honored Christopher Columbus with an all-he-could-eat feast. Years of famine followed.

Don't worry too much. Everything is fine.


How many elephants are left in Africa?


I couldn't prevent Pratap from swimming.

You shouldn't eat anything spicy.

I heard you fell and hurt yourself.

You pull up the blanket.

Why didn't you go after him?

None of that is necessary.

Who's excited?


She arrived unannounced.

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Kirk wants Dawn.

Auto-destruct sequence initiated.

No matter how you look at it, Satoshi Kon was a top class director and mangaka.

I am older than you.

Now I've seen everything.


Alberto didn't hear Clayton come in.

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Hsi isn't afraid of anybody.

Morton worked for an oil company.

I drank some wine.

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Australia is a very lucky country.

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That's all for now!

The typewriter is stored in the basement.

I told you I don't know Panzer.

I appreciate your attention to detail.

Santa pointed at the tree in his neighbor's yard.

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Protons are made up of quarks.


Laughter can kill.

Sam, a rhesus monkey, was one of the most well known monkeys of the space program. His name was an acronym for the U.S. Air Force School of Aviation Medicine at Brooks Air Force Base, Texas. He was launched on December 4, 1959, housed in a cylindrical capsule within the Mercury spacecraft atop a Little Joe rocket in order to test the launch escape system (LES). Approximately one minute into the flight, travelling at a speed of 3685 mph, the Mercury capsule aborted from the Little Joe launch vehicle. After attaining an altitude of 51 miles, the spacecraft landed safely in the Atlantic Ocean. Sam was recovered, several hours later, with no ill effects from his journey.

The umbrella is also a cane sometimes.


A leading specialist was brought in to authenticate the painting.


I wish that noise would stop. It gets on my nerves.

Can you still hear me?

"They are not asleep yet," muttered the witch to herself.

The election of the village headman had been postponed.

They are talking over a cup of coffee in the cafeteria.

I have seen in my time a hundred craftsmen, a hundred farmers, wiser and happier than university presidents.

I've got everything I want.

We need to get back before it gets too late.

The party wasn't much fun.

I've already seen Trying about that matter.

Whatever she may say, I will not attend the meeting.